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      Ningbo Jinyao Machinery Co., Ltd.Sincerely cooperate with all parties, draw a better tomorrow!

      Jinyao Machinery was founded in 2007. It is a professional mold manufacturing enterprise mainly engaged in the design, development and manufacturing of various difficult aluminum alloy die-casting molds, magnesium alloy die-casting molds, plastic molds, and mainly engaged in aluminum alloy die-casting molds and All kinds of aluminum alloy die castings. The company has a high-precision CNC machining center, equipped with CNC electric discharge machine, CNC wire cutting machine and several general processing equipment, which improves the quality of mold making and delivery time, and adopts

      CAD/CAM/CAE technology designs, manufactures and processes molds with an annual production capacity of 250 sets. 9 die-casting machines 2500T, 1250T, 1000T 800T/2 sets, 500T, 280T, 180T.

      Jinyao machinery enterprise concept

      Mission: to provide customers with comprehensive solutions with high cost performance

      Vision: to become a competitive market enterprise

      Values: simple, pragmatic and efficient

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      Years of manufacturing experience

      Jinyao Machinery insistsbuild corporate image, focus on quality management,Satisfy customers and fully implement

      Quality Management System Certificate

      Ningbo Jinyao Machinery Co., Ltd.

      Jinyao Machinery is committed to becoming a world-class enterprise, welcomes customers from all over the world, and welcomes more talents to join! Since its establishment, Jinyao Machinery has maintained rapid growth every year, thanks to its professional manufacturing capabilities, rigorous work attitude, and customer satisfaction services. At present, customers mainly come from China, many of which are well-known companies; the industries served include machinery, automobiles, motorcycles, lamps, electronic communications, public facilities, furniture, etc. Jinyao Machinery is committed to becoming a world-class enterprise, welcomes customers from all over the world, and welcomes more talents to join!

      Our team

      Our production team is not only at the forefront of the industry in technology, we pay more attention to the clear and accurate expression of customers' products. Most of us are from science, and have research in machinery, games, electronics, physics and other disciplines. We can easily understand the ideas of customers, so we can better show the intention of customers. We have our own professional 3D animation, architectural animation, virtual reality and film and television production team. We constantly innovate and improve the production level of 3D animation, architectural animation and virtual reality, and constantly meet the needs of customers for digital experience services by using cutting-edge 3D animation technology and virtual reality technology.


      honor certificate

      Our honor

      Jinyao Machinery adheres to the tenet of "building corporate image, focusing on quality management, satisfying customers and fully implementing the expectations of TS16949:2009 quality system standards", and actively introducing a large number of technical personnel with quality management and rich experience in mold design and manufacturing.